7 Signals Your Hubby Is Having An Extramarital Relationship

Published: 02nd April 2012
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So what are the clues your hubby is involved in an extramarital romance? If you believe your husband could be cheating, you will want to get to the bottom of that concern quickly. Study the list below to see if your fellow matches the description of a cheating husband.

1. Hiding The Telephone

In the past, it was a suspicious number of 'wrong numbers' or callers who hung up when you answered the phone. Now we have cellphones...the situation is a little different.

One tip-off your spouse is having an affair is when someone who once left his phone all around the house suddenly keeps it welded to his pocket. He's not going to risk you seeing one of her texts before he has a chance to delete it.

2. In the Office Until Late

So well known we don't really need to bring it up. Obviously, many husbands really do work late, however they usually have the overtime pay to prove it. Does he phone from his cellphone to tell you when he is going to be home? He may not be at work, or he would use his office phone.

3. Giving You Gifts

Is he bringing you presents or being extra thoughtful and affectionate? That is a classic sign that your husband is having an affair. For instance, a husband who has never bought you flowers in the past, unexpectedly comes home with a bunch of flowers a couple weeks back to back. Be suspicious - he may be compensating for guilty feelings.

4. It's All Your Fault

He may have given you gifts at the start, however after the affair has gone on for some time, the situation is likely to change. Having quarrels over every little thing? Is he blaming you for every hiccup, big or small? He cannot manage feeling guilty any more, so he is starting to look for justification that the affair (and everything else) is your fault.

5. Looking Good

One of the greatest giveaway signs your husband is having an affair is that he begins to be more concerned with his personal appearance. He's all of a sudden dieting, exercising regularly, or making use of personal care products that he wasn't using before. He may even buy new clothes or change his hairstyle.

6. Unusual Charges

Being unfaithful costs dollars, and that money has to originate from someplace. If you have access to his credit card statements or have a joint checking account you will probably find that he is withdrawing more money than he used to.

While doing so, it may be apparent that he is not spending that cash on you, your kids or your household. In reality, he is likely to grumble about how much everything costs, because he wants those funds for another purpose.

7. Mileage and Gasoline Consumption

Is the car racking up more miles compared to usual, or using more gas? That is another of the signs your man is involved in an affair. An unfaithful spouse will in all probability be doing more driving than his usual commute. Unless of course he drives as a part of his job, you can learn a lot by monitoring his mileage.

If you get a look at his credit card statements, observe where he buys gas. If it's in a residential area that he has no reason to visit, maybe you have just discovered where 'she' resides.

Sometimes, of course, you could be suspicious and might be completely wrong. But if you examine all of these signs your hubby is involved in an affair, you could be close to knowing the truth. Our author is the creator of Marriage Troubles and How to Stop Divorce. She is a professional writer and counselor specializing in attraction and building relationships based on love, tolerance, peace and harmony.

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