The Best Way To Identify Christian Marriage Counseling

Published: 18th January 2012
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Step one in finding Christian relationship counseling could be to ask your own pastor or other church leader. Many marriage counselors are also pastors, hence you might discovered that your own church offers this service or will refer you to yet another church leader in your neighborhood.

There's a huge difference between a specialist counselor who may be also a Christian, and a person who provides Christian marriage therapy. A number of people use the term Christian to help make his or her services more attractive to clients. It does not mean that they will necessarily approach your therapy from the point of view of your own association with God or your place of worship.

When you are looking for Christian relationship therapy, don't be content with second best. You will more than likely want a therapist who is going to take your faith as the basis for the counseling. This is often important as well as helpful for a couple with a strong Christian faith.

However, keep in mind that there are many versions and degrees of Christianity. It is advisable to be sure that the counselor appreciates and preferably shares your beliefs and priorities. That is why your church is often the ideal way to find the ideal Christian relationship therapy for you.

Naturally, sometimes you may not wish to seek advice from an individual who knows you personally. You might prefer that your own pastor does not know of the issues in your relationship. Still, it is typically the case that the people close to you, especially in church, already know more than you think. It is often preferable that your pastor is aware that you are looking for therapy, even though you choose to have your therapist be somebody that will be meeting you for the first time.

Do not forget to confirm that your therapist is properly schooled and competent. Although many community pastoral counselors do not have the identical professional qualifications as non-faith based therapists and advisors, you should expect them to have completed a thorough training program.

The American Association of Pastoral Counselors requires nearly professional grade counseling training. In many cases these pastors serve as therapists. If you are looking for Christian marriage counseling, you may not need this type of high level qualification.

You might want to start with somebody who is a an affiliate the American Association of Christian Counselors, for example. These are frequently lay individuals with minimal professional training, but who adhere to a certain code of ethics as well as Christian oriented values.

These are only examples of a few of the organizations that may help you in your search for Christian marriage counseling. There are many other options.

There are several points to keep in mind when you are looking for Christian marriage help and advice. As an illustration, do you mind whether your counselor is male or female? Are you wanting the counseling to include advice on prayer? Do you wish to use a counselor who shares your views on concerns such as divorce, remarriage, roles of husband and wife, adultery, etc?

It is fine to phone the counselor's office and ask these types of questions prior to making your final choice. It is additionally very important to talk about these details with your wife or husband. This way you can be certain that you both agree with the basis for your Christian relationship counseling before you commit to a counseling service. Jo Goodman is the creator of How to Fix a Marriage and Save My Marriage Today. She is a professional writer and counselor specializing in attraction and building relationships based on love, tolerance, peace and harmony.

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